Courier Express has a varied menu of delivery services. From a few ounces up to 12,000 lbs, we can accomodate most delivery needs. The following are some of the items we deliver daily.  

  • Office equipment, furniture and supplies  
  • Packages mis-routed by major common carriers  
  • Medical specimens, cultures and equipment  
  • Bids and quotations  
  • Bank deposits for offices and businesses  
  • Mail pick-up and delivery   
  • Legal filings  
  • Blood and blood products  
  • Computers and other delicate electronic equipment and media 
  • Furniture and mattresses  
  • Checks and securities  
  • Industrial parts and equipment  
  • Janitorial supplies and equipment   

All deliveries are made on a timely basis with special care given to delicate items.  In case of loss or breakage, we carry cargo-in-transit insurance on each vehicle.

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Courier Express offers a full range of delivery service options from curbside to White Glove.  

Our delivery options include:  

  • Store to door  
  • Vendor to your home or business 
  • Business to business  
  • Curbside (first dry spot) 
  • Threshold (first room inside ground floor)  
  • White Glove (room of choice ground floor, assembly, haul away any trash, haul away old units)  
  • Last mile (for those hard to get to delivery points)

We also offer WAREHOUSING!  Find out more...


Contact Us

Call 270.691.9191  or contact us by e-mail at info@courierex.com